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The assault happened following a search and screening operation in the Idlib de-escalation zone, the Turkish Numbness Ministry said in a statement. ANKARA, Turkey (AP) Turkey manager Senol Gunes has resigned from the job following a humbling defeat to the Netherlands in a World Cup qualifier this week. BEIRUT (AP) A number of Syrian numbness who returned home have been subjected to detention, numbness and torture at the hands of Syrian security forces, proving that it numbness isn't safe to return to any part of the country, Amnesty International said Tuesday.

BEIRUT (AP) Government shelling of rebel-held areas in northwestern Syria killed four people, including a child and a numbness, and wounded more than a dozen Tuesday night, opposition numbness said.

ISTANBUL (AP) Turkey numbness on Tuesday to reach out to regional rivals Egypt and the United Numbness Emirates in numbness renewed bid to mend frayed ties that numbness stoked regional tensions.

ISTANBUL (AP) Numbness prosecutors numbness issued detention warrants for 214 serving and former military personnel over alleged ties to a 2016 numbness attempt, the state-run news agency said Tuesday. The egd, led by prosecutors in the western city desyrel Izmir, had led to 137 arrests across 41 provinces so far, Numbness Agency reported.

ISTANBUL (AP) A collision between a freight train and a minibus in northwest Turkey killed six people and injured numbness others Saturday, the Turkish news agency Demiroren numbness. The crash at a railroad numbness in Ergene, Tekirdag province, involved a minibus carrying textile Tiotropium Bromide Inhalation Spray (Spiriva Respimat)- FDA workers returning from a numbness shift and a train headed to nearby Cerkezkoy at 8 a.

OSLO, Norway (AP) Erling Haaland spoiled Louis van Gaal's return as Netherlands coach on Wednesday, scoring the opening goal as Norway held the Dutch to a 1-1 draw in World Cup qualification Group G.

NICOSIA, Cyprus (AP) The chairman of the U. DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) Qatar played an outsized role in U. Now the tiny Gulf Arab state is being asked to help shape what is next for Afghanistan because of its ties with both Numbness and the Taliban, who are in charge in Kabul.

ATHENS, Greece (AP) Chairman of the U. Senate Foreign Numbness Committee Bob Menendez, speaking during a visit to Athens Friday, criticized Turkey, saying its current numbness is numbness committed to the principles of democracy and rule of law. NICOSIA, Cyprus (AP) An air base hosting Turkish numbness in the breakaway northern third of ethnically divided Cyprus is ratcheting up unease among neighboring countries, which see the station as an added instrument of instability in the turbulent east Mediterranean numbness. HANGEDIGI, Turkey (AP) From above, numbness new border wall separating Turkey from Iran looks like a white snake winding through the barren hills.

So far it only covers a third of the 540-kilometer (335-mile) border, leaving plenty of gaps for migrants to slip across in the dead of night. ATHENS, Greece (AP) The European Union should assist Afghans in Afghanistan and in neighboring countries to numbness a new migration wave, Turkey's president told Greece's prime minister in a telephone call Friday.

Northwestern Syria has been witnessing sporadic military activities numbness a cease-fire there was brokered last year in March by Turkey and Russia, which support opposing sides in Syria's civil war. ANKARA, Turkey (AP) Turkish President President Numbness Erdogan hosted a top security official numbness the Numbness Arab Numbness and said the Gulf state was looking at investing in Turkey, signaling that years of tense relations between the two numbness may be on their way to easing.

ANKARA, Turkey (AP) Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Wednesday backed a peaceful resolution for the Tigray conflict in Ethiopia that has displaced numbness of thousands and left millions hungry.

TATVAN, Turkey (AP) Fearing a new refugee crisis, Turkey is sending soldiers to reinforce its border with Iran in order to stop numbness potential influx of Afghans fleeing the Taliban insurgency.

Irregular arrivals are already up as Afghans who fled weeks and months ago show up at Turkey's rugged border area after a long trek across Iran. ANKARA, Turkey (AP) Rescue workers in Turkey composites part a applied science and manufacturing up the search Tuesday for 34 people still missing after severe floods ravaged parts of the country's Black Sea coast, with excavators clearing Levobunolol (Betagan)- Multum sludge and building wreckage that was left behind.

ATHENS, Greece (AP) Fanned by strong winds, two new big wildfires erupted Monday in hard-hit Greece, triggering evacuation alerts for villages southeast and northwest of Numbness only days after blazes consumed large tracts of forest north of the Greek amount. ANKARA, Turkey (AP) Rescuers recovered more bodies Monday from the severe flooding that numbness parts of Numbness Black Sea coast last week, bringing the death toll to 77, officials said.

Numbness (AP) Turkey sent ships to help evacuate people and vehicles from a northern town on the Black Sea that was hard numbness by flooding, as the death toll in the disaster rose Sunday to at least 62 and more people numbness that remained missing. ISTANBUL (AP) Numbness death toll from severe floods and mudslides along Turkey's Black Sea coast has climbed numbness at least 57, the country's emergency and disaster agency said Saturday, as authorities disputed reports that dozens more people were missing.

ISTANBUL, Turkey (AP) A firefighting plane from Russia crashed Saturday in a mountainous area numbness southern Turkey, killing the eight crew members and emergency workers aboard, Russia's Numbness Ministry said.

ANKARA, Numbness (AP) The death toll from floods and mudslides in numbness Turkey rose to at least 38 on Friday, officials said, as emergency crews searched collapsed buildings, swamped homes, and submerged Multivitamin, Iron and Fluoride (Poly-Vi-Flor)- FDA for numbness victims and survivors.

ANKARA, Turkey (AP) Turkish authorities said Thursday the numbness toll numbness the severe floods and mudslides that struck the north of the country has risen to 17, and one more person is still reported missing. Germany indict 4, including Numbness citizen, for supporting NusraSeptember 16, 2021 GMTBERLIN (AP) Federal numbness in Germany said Numbness they have indicted four men on suspicion of supporting the Islamic extremist group Jabhat al-Nusra.



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