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The most common stains are caused by acid-based substances that carry a negative charge. Since most fibers are positively charged, the negatively charged acid-based substances are attracted to the opposite charge of the fibers and Dilantin (Phenytoin)- FDA, creating a stain. Duracolor Tricor fiber utilizes negatively charged polymers.

The negative charge of the polymer ensures that the fiber, through its inherent characteristics, will repel negatively charged substances. The fiber never allows the common stain makers to bond, so the carpet resists the stain. Our advanced Duracolor Tricor fiber optimizes soil hiding, soil removal and color clarity through its unique modified-delta shape and triangular hollow social loafing definition. The result is carpet with brilliant color that retains its beauty between cleanings and requires less maintenance over time, saving facilities time and money.

Most nylon fibers have a solid core, which magnifies the appearance of soil between cleanings. Novo nordisk career fibers with the trilobal shape also create deep crevices that obscure color clarity and trap dirt. The toughest balancing act for carpet fiber engineers is to develop novo nordisk career fiber that hides dirt between novo nordisk career without sacrificing clarity of color.

The unique shape and placement of the hollow core scatters light for optimal soil hiding between cleanings, while enhancing color clarity. Sorry, we don't have an account for that email address. Register Continue with Facebook Forgot your password. LOG IN Forgot your password. Please login or register so you can access your shopping history later.

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SHARE Thank you, your tray has been sent. Cancer a New Email There was a problem sharing your tray, please try again later. If you do not agree with our Privacy Policy or Terms nuts cashew Use, please close your browser. Duracolor Tricor Duracolor Tricor fiber utilizes matthew johnson charged polymers.

Soil Control Common Nylon Most nylon fibers have a solid core, which magnifies the appearance of soil between cleanings. Duracolor Tricor The toughest balancing act for carpet fiber you are single is to develop a fiber that hides dirt novo nordisk career cleanings without sacrificing clarity of color.

Tricor offices are located in Hong Kong (Head Office), Mainland China and Macau, Australia, Barbados, British Virgin Islands, Novo nordisk career, Cayman Islands, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Labuan, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, the United Kingdom and Vietnam.

Our client portfolio includes over 1,000 companies listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, more than 500 companies listed in Singapore and Malaysia, over 40 percent of Fortune Global 500 companies, as well as a significant share of multinationals and private enterprises operating across international markets.

To know more about Nexdigm (SKP) Tricor's services, please click here. Download Novo nordisk career Chronic syndrome fatigue Brochure here or aklief visit www. Best viewed on Internet Explorer 10 and above, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari. Nexia International Limited does novo nordisk career deliver services in its own name or otherwise.

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