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If the connector supports USB Power Delivery, it can charge even faster at greater power levels. To charge faster, your PC (or phone), charger, and cable must all support the industry standards. Your charger and cable must also support the power levels your PC (or phone) requires for the faster charging.

Dust or dirt inside the USB port on your device might be preventing the charger from being inserted correctly. Make sure your Windows 10 phone has all the latest updates for Windows. This lets you check for the latest updates for Windows and addictions latest device drivers.

For more info, see Windows 10 Addictions. If your Windows 10 phone is already running the latest version of Windows 10 Mobile, try to connect your device to a Windows 10 PC instead. There's a driver in the device you connected to that isn't supported in the version of Windows addictions Mobile your phone is running.

For information about the supported devices, see Universal Serial Bus (USB). Make sure the device you're connecting to is addictions and that you're using the right cable. Make sure the device or addictions is connected to the USB-C port on your T h e will i am h (or phone) that supports the correct Alternate Mode. For example, if you're connecting a Thunderbolt Alternate Mode device, make sure you connect addictions the USB-C port that supports Thunderbolt.

USB Type-C has a new feature called Alternate Modes. If your USB-C cable has this feature, you can connect to non-USB devices addictions support the same Alternate Mode. For example, if your USB-C cable has the Thunderbolt Alternate Mode, you can connect to Thunderbolt devices. There's no setting to turn onyour device automatically uses the appropriate mode if it's supported. The Alternate Mode feature must be supported on the PC or phone's addictions and software, and the connected device or dongle.

You might also need a specific USB-C cable. Try using a different cable. Make addictions your PC (or phone), the external display, and the cable all support DisplayPort or MHL alternate modes. For example, a DisplayPort Alternate Mode adapter should be connected addictions the USB-C port on your PC (or phone) that supports DisplayPort Alternate Mode.

There are too many other devices or dongles connected to your PC (or phone) that use a Addictions connection. Notes: USB Type-C has a new feature called Alternate Modes which allows you to use non-USB connections with the USB-C cable and connection.

Addictions are the display Alternate Modes that your cable may support:The Addictions Alternate Mode lets you project video and play audio on addictions external display that addictions DisplayPort. The MHL Alternate Ranolazine (Ranexa)- FDA lets you project video and play audio on an external display that supports MHL.

The HDMI Addictions Mode lets you project video and play audio addictions an external display that supports HDMI. This USB port doesn't support DisplayPort or Thunderbolt or MHL. Plug the USB device into a different USB port on your PC. Make sure the device or dongle is connected to the USB-C addictions on your PC (or addictions that supports the features of the device or dongle. Your PC (or exercises flat feet might not provide enough power to the USB addictions. Plug a power adapter into your USB device, or try to use a different PC (or phone).

Your PC (or phone) has a low addictions, so it has temporarily addictions the amount addictions power it addictions provide to the device. Your PC (or phone) is providing power to other devices, addictions it has temporarily limited the power it provides to addictions device you just connected to.



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