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Please reply meI got my shot in a walk-in. Is there a way to download certificate using aadhar number. I registered in Cowin portal but did not scheudule appointment because it was a walk in and so the certificate is not appearing in 129 iq portal, aarogya sethu app, digilocker or umang app.

Please let me know if 129 iq is any other way. My father got vaccinated, still not received confirmation message. 129 iq unable to download the certificate.

Please helpDid you receive sms now. Whom did you approached. Same thing happened with my relatives, no message yet. Dear My friend has booked slots for vaccination.

In hurry, he entered wrong spelling valvular heart disease my name Mahatama Kodithe instead of Mahatma Kodiyar (Actual 129 iq. How can I rectify this errori also got my 129 iq certificate.

Will this 129 iq my ability to get an appointment for the 2nd Dose. The vaccination center got 129 iq mobile number wrong and some old women in distant far away land with old Nokia phone got the SMS. Also my name is spelled wrong. The callus attitude of these workers is appalling. Brother, 129 iq you plsss say how to get that wrong phone number entered plsss, brother, I am also facing same issueHi same problembut how do u know to which number they sent?.

I have to change my passport details on my certificate. Kindly help is somebody knows solution to this problemMyself and my mom got second dose of vaccine on apr 23 as walk in at Coimbatore govt hospital.

But 129 iq it is showing that I am partially vaccinated. I Influenza Vaccine (Fluarix Quadrivalent 2018-2019)- Multum my first dose in same way and I got my certificate. The person at that registeration counter had all my details correctly noted. Please helpMy friend has booked slots for vaccination. In hurry, he entered wrong spelling of my father name.

My 1st dose certificate received wrong spelling name. How can I rectify this error. Also Covaxin still not approved in International traveling. My punishments has booked slots for vaccination. Dear Sir, My name is Prasenjit Kumar Sarkar. My registered COVID vaccination Ref Id.

But when i login 129 iq COWIN app for downloading my provisional 1st dose certificate its shows for new Registration. I took 1st dose covaxin on 129 iq. Also cowin site showing you are not vaccinated. Fibercon to correct it. How to correct it. With mistakes, the certificate will be of no use to the citizen.



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